Do's and Don'ts

Malaysia's culture is vastly different to the west and it is much appreciated when foreigners respect both its laws and heritage. When visiting Malaysia, the visitors should observe local customs and practices. Some of them are:

  • Although handshakes generally suffice for men and women, some Muslim ladies acknowledge an introduction to a gentleman with a nod of her head and smile. The traditional way of greeting is "salam" that resembles a handshake of hands but without the grasp.
  • It is polite to call before visiting a home.
  • Shoe must be removed when entering a Malaysian home, or places of worship such as mosques and temples in Malaysia.
  • Toasting is not a common practice in Malaysia. The country's large Muslim population does not drink alcohol.

» Malaysia Travel Tips

Money Tips : Most currencies can be exchanged at the banks or local moneychangers. Travelers cheques denominated in most countries can also be exchanged. Credit cards are accepted in most establishments and the transfer of funds into the country through one of the banking systems.

Dining Tips : Dining in Malaysia is a highlight in any visitors visit. From traditional Malay to Chinese, Indian and western dishes, Malaysia has it all.

Beach Tips : Make sure you put sun cream on and wear a hat and sunglasses when venturing onto the beach. If your skin is sensitive, it's a good idea to limit your tanning time to a cooler time in the day or tan for a few minutes at a time.

Nightlife Tips : Malaysia is generally a very safe place at night. Wandering around on your own down a dark alley or off the beaten track once the sun has gone down, as in most countries, though, is probably not a good idea. Women on their own are advised to be cautious especially if not acceptably dressed.

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