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Malaysia’s calendar is packed with an endless list of various festivals and Malaysia events. Malaysia current events have a whole year filled with colorful, thrilling and exciting activities. Some of the Malaysia events are religious and solemn but others events are lively and joyous. One interesting feature of the main festivals here is the ‘open house’ custom. This is when Malaysians celebrating the festival invite friends to come by their homes for some traditional delicacies and fellowship. Below is a list of Malaysia current events which are celebrated in Malaysia with all the fan fare:

Thaipusam – January
Of the Malaysia events this is an extraordinary festival held at the Batu caves in Selangor, or in Penang. One will witness the sights and sounds of thousands of devotees carrying kavadis, or ornate frames as penance.

Chinese New Year – February
The Lunar New Year is celebrated by the Chinese throughout the world and here in Malaysia it’s just as joyful with an abundance of food and family gatherings. This is a joyous time when friends and relatives give each other "angpows" - red packets with a gift of cash as a token of prosperity and celebrate with feasts and lion dances to ward off evil spirits and usher in the lunar New Year.

Malaysia Water Festival - April to May
Of the Malaysia current events, Malaysia water festival is celebrated for an entire month. Throughout the country one cam enjoy water-based activities and have a splashing good time participating in a host of aquatic sports.

Vesak – May
Religious offerings and rituals such as the ‘bathing of the Buddha’, chanting of sutras, and lighting of joss sticks and ordination of monks take place in Buddhist temples around the country.

Colors of Malaysia - May to June
This event kicks off with a colorful parade displaying the diversity of Malaysian culture through music and dance.

Food and Fruits Fiesta – July

This is the festival to savor the best of Malaysia’s alluring local delicacies. Food which is Malaysia's favorite pastime has now become a shared event nationally. There is an endless variety and abundance of cuisine available in Malaysia, from exotic eastern feasts to elegant western dishes which will simply astonish visitors.

National Day - 31 August
Malaysians everywhere celebrate Merdeka Day or the nation’s independence on this day with parades and shows. Throughout the towns and cities in Malaysia will be merrily decorated and decorated with lights for the grand occasion.

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