Port Dickson Information

Port Dickson Malaysia is a favorite weekend gateway for Kuala Lumpur and Singaporean people. It is popularly also called as PD and is one of the seven districts in the state of Negri Sembilan. This city is rightly been serving as a retreat for number of folks who are on the lookout for an escape from the city’s hustle bustle. For the people of Singaporeans, Port Dickson Malaysia offers to them best of two worlds. For once it’s a good holiday retreat and only located at a short distance of 60 Kilometers away from the shopping paradise of Kuala Lumpur City.

Port Dickson Malaysia is gifted with one of the best beaches on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Port Dickson location map lets you aware that thisplace offers 18km of fine sandy beaches fringed by casuarinas, coconut palms and the spreading branches of the Banyan trees. Of the city’s one of the most celebrated events in Port Dickson Malaysia is the annual Pesta Port Dickson, Port Dickson Carnival, which is usually held in the month of August. This annual event involves a number of activities and cultural events. The cultural shows include wayang kulit, and silat. For the adventure enthusiasts the city has in store many leisure activities such as water-skiing, canoeing, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and many more.

Tourists find the place bliss and why not when refreshing cool breeze blows in from the straits and the relaxed environment all make it one of the reasons for choosing this tiny seaside village as a colonial beach resort. Port Dickson location map helps one to choose this destination as one’s next holiday destination.