Miri Information

Miri city is popularly called as the gateway to Borneo, located in Northern Sarawak of Borneo Island. This city borders the neighboring country of Brunei. Being the first oil town in Malaysia, the city has seen incredible growth with the petroleum industry playing a significant role in Miri's economic development. This is the city that oil built, later other industries such as timber and oil palm have also added to its prosperity and mushrooming into the modern and dynamic business, commercial and educational centre what today the city is.

Miri City is of places and its natural diversity offers visitors with a wide range of attractions including the world famous Mulu Caves, the impressive Niah Caves, beautiful beaches, colorful coral reefs, exotic tropical rainforests and the ever famous Grand Old Lady - The First Oil Well in Malaysia. The city is also the starting point of many of Sarawak's world-famous national parks such as the Mulu National Park, Niah National Park, Lambir Hills National Park and Loagan Bunut National Park, as well as other major tourist attractions. Miri city guide would act as your perfect guide to tour the city. With the tourism an important contributor to the city’s local economy the city’s tourist attractions play an important role. For the tourists who love natural beauty and jungle adventure, Miri is the place to be.

Miri city has grown to be a "young" and lively city teeming with activity all round. For the visitors miri shopping Malaysia would give them an opportunity to sample the region’s local treasures. There are numerous shops and departmental stores which have flourished throughout the city. The city’s cultural attractions reflect the varieties of rich heritage that exists here. Miri city guide would guide the tourists to the number of festivities a year that are celebrated here giving shoppers the benefit to enjoy the Grand Sales during these special occasions. Miri shopping Malaysia is one of the finer pleasures when in the city besides sight-seeing. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or a personal keepsake to remind you of the place you have visited, you will find it right here.