Malacca Information

Malacca is considered to be the oldest city in Malaysia. Tourists to this city get the best of both worlds in old Malacca. This oldest city in the peninsular is over 600 years old, which started from a tiny fishing village that grew into an important port. Malacca finally cast off its foreign chains when the country gained independence in 1957.Each of these European powers helped contribute to the colorful history of the State, giving rise to a melting pot of colors and culture which is exactly the reason why visitors continue to make their way to Malacca, even if it’s just for a weekend. Malacca resorts are one of the best places to start on ideal resort-style beach getaways. In Malaysia beach Malacca attraction here is the city's cultural heritage, around which an important tourism industry has developed.

Malaysia beach Malacca has three beautiful beaches in Malacca, and a Malacca resorts is emerging on Pulau Besar. The beaches of Klebang, Tanjung Kling, and Tanjung Bidara have fine white sands edged with palm trees, and the attraction of the setting has brought a number of resorts to this part of the Malaysian coast. In Malacca, Malaysia's fascinating history vies with the attractions of the sea for your attention. So when one visits, this place one should make a point of visiting some of the sights of this twilight city.

Malaysia beach Malacca was once the center for billowing sails of trading ships which could be seen in the harbor of Malacca as Europeans, Indians and Chinese traded spices, silks, opium and tobacco along the east – west trade route. Malacca resorts still retain the flavor of its historic past in the streets, buildings and atmosphere of the town. The city’s attractions include the Maritime Museum with a life-size replica of an Old Portuguese galleon, St John’s Fort, Jonker Street and the Baba & Nonya centre – a blend of Malay and Chinese culture. Malacca is worth at least for an overnight stay.