Kuching Information

Malaysia kuching city is located on the island of Borneo, on the Sarawak River, near its mouth on the South China Sea. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, which is Malaysia’s largest state, and is simply unique. Unquestionably Kuching is the nicest city in South East Asia. The city adapted itself to all the modern amenities but without losing its old trading centre charm. The city has a historical touch in its buildings as it was once the home of the Rajahs Brooke. The famous Sarawak Museum with its wonderful collection of Borneo artefacts; the Istana, once the residence of the Brooke family; court house, Fort Margherita, named after the wife of the second rajah; and the colonnaded Post Office are all symbols of the city’s rich heritage.

Malaysia kuching city is gifted with a natural attraction in the form of a large body of water that in many cities in Malaysia are missing. The river running in the city is the central feature of the city, even served as an important transport link in the past. The river provides with a beautifully countryside waterfront path providing with a superb and relaxing venue for strolls. Kuching city provides with an ideal base from where one can go exploring. Kuching - travel guide will the perfect guide for your travel in the city providing with all the essential travel information. Visitor’s can enjoy the city’s skyline view which is just fantastic from across the river. Once the sun sets, the city comes alive with dazzling neon lights of the tall buildings and colorful decorative lights along the esplanade. Moreover, the number of small boats and cruise ships that ply along the river is a beautiful sight, with the river scene abuzz with movements and activities. Tourists can even delight at a number of eating outlets at the well-established Malay kampung neighborhood.

For shopping experience Kuching - travel guide lets in to the fact that Kuching is the best place to pick up bargain souvenirs to take back home. The products include from wood carvings with the ‘Pua Kumba‘native design, to native ikat textiles and sarongs. One of the unique things is the ‘Bird’s Nest’, a desert which is renowned for its medicinal qualities and harvested from neighboring caves around Kuching. It’s famous worldwide, for its fine quality. In the central part of Kuching the street vendors and markets display the produce and spices that first brought traders to the East. Tin smiths, rattan workers, coffin makers, Chinese herbalists and gold smiths ply their specialized trades in a setting little changed from the 19th century.

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