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Kota Bahru is a quiet little town, which is also the capital of Kelantan State in north Malaysia. The city is relaxing in the absence of the hustle and bustle of other cities. The city would be a nice choice to witness the traditional Malay culture and discover the surrounding countryside. This small town marks the end of the east coast road, and the beginning of Thailand. The city is located on the northern bank of the flood-prone Sungei Kelantan River. The city is so small and quite that the official tourist brochures list the Central Police Station under the "Places of Interest" column, while the "Entertainment and Night Life" column is headed by Kentucky Fried Chicken. The reason behind the town being so old fashioned, is that members of a conservative Islamic party run the state government. This government has banned, among other things, the sale of alcohol in the state resulting in ending what little nightlife the city had before.

The absence of nightlife in the city hasn’t stopped the visitors from visiting the place and the city sees a number of repeat visitor’s from all over the world. Even the city has visitor’s visiting just long enough to do some business, but end up staying a lot longer than they had expected. The town is just like any other east coast city with all the modern architecture but it has more to offer. For many visitors it is a stop before heading on to Thailand. Kota Bahru markets are always the city’s highpoint and its activities. At the intersection of Jln. Padang Garong and Jln. Pengkalan Chepa one will find Kota Bharu’s Chinatown. Tourists will love the traditional Chinese noodle dishes, which are easily available. One can also try outdoor Malaysian dining experience in the evening, at the food stalls at Padang Bas, in the town center. Most of the museums and heritage buildings are located along Jln. Hilir Kota and Jln. Sultan, which is worth a visit.

This beautiful and quiet city is worth a visit during your trip to the country and Kota Bahru city guide would assist you to plan your trip. For all the information for traveling to this part of the city Kota Bahru city guide would be a perfect choice.

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