Ipoh Information

Ipoh city is the state capital of Perak which is located north to Kuala Lumpur. The city serves as an excellent retreat as the city is peaceful as compared to the busy and crowded other cities. The city even has become a place for many residents who retire to this place after retirement. Ipoh Malaysia tourism has helped the city develop into an attractive place. Ipoh City is famous as for being home to miners who have made a fortune during the heydays of tin. Ipoh city was once a small kampung with dilapidated buildings that tin built, and did not vanish with the exit of the tin industry. In fact the city has grown with the country's economy. The city is now set to become the crucial point of industry, business, investment, education, and social activities. In the city Ipoh overall progress and development is visible that Perak is undergoing.

Once known as a town of tin miners now Ipoh City today is known for its great food and the beautiful gardens. The great food is the most memorable thing about Ipoh that tourists remember. All sorts of cooking styles can be found here, many of them brought in by the Chinese from the southern provinces and mixed with local flavors. Visitor’s can sample delicious fare like Ipoh hor fun, and then Ipoh chicken rice with bean sprouts is another very popular dish. There are too many dishes to name here but visitors to Ipoh must make it a point to taste the local food. Chances are the cuisine here is more varied and tastier than many other places in the country. The city’s food has helped with Ipoh Malaysia tourism which is developing.

The weather Ipoh is pleasant throughout the year thus for the tourists the place is a nice place to visit. Ipoh Malaysia tourism has been given a boost with the weather Ipoh helping it. The hub for the state of Perak, Ipoh has seen its citizens’ lifestyle remain calm and steady despite the rapid growth of their surroundings.