Brunei Information

Brunei country though being small in size is a land of many interesting sights. Its natural beauty includes variety of complex ecosystems, such as mangrove swamps, major river systems, and tropical rain forests. Man-made attractions include a city built on stilts above the water and one of the largest mosques in the world. All this and much more have helped Brunei tourism to grow.

Brunei is a tiny oil-rich Islamic sultanate lying on the northwest coast of Borneo which is famous for the astonishing wealth of its Sultan and its tax-free, subsidized society. Brunei is situated just north-west of Borneo, with the South China Sea at its north and the Malaysian State of Sarawak surrounding all other sides. The country enjoys a climate which is hot with high humidity and heavy rainfall. Temperatures are usually between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius and with the average humidity at 79%. This tropical country is a pretty warm and humid place to be but turning out to be an attractive destination for tourists for its beautiful land.

The location of Brunei provides with an excellent point from where one can travel into the surrounding areas of Sabah and Sarawak. The country is the right mix of East meets west due to the western influences throughout Brunei. Thus life in Brunei is more of the cosmopolitan way though it is an Islamic country. Much of the country comes from its precious oil reserves and its warm climate promotes an outdoor lifestyle within Brunei. Visitors can try hands at the various sports such as Sailing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving and Running which are quite popular. With the majority of the population living across the coastal strip, gives way to a beach life in Brunei. One can access the beautiful beaches and water sports easily

Life in Brunei for its people is generally safe as they enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The country has never experienced earthquakes, typhoons or severe floods. Alcohol and drug abuse is almost totally absent with the crime rate and degree of pollution, lowest in the world. Bruneians follow and respect the Islamic culture, with their conventional lifestyles and total abstinence from alcohol. Brunei’s wealth of natural resources has helped the country not to enter into the logging industry and the result is that Brunei’s jungle remains untouched and unspoilt. This is the reason for increasing Brunei tourism as it offers visitors the perfect place to see and discover wildlife and nature. Brunei is famous for its wildlife and jungles, in particular Orang Utans, its diverse colorful cultures, marine life, national parks, as well as Sabah's famous Mount Kinabalu.